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1. Search for fonts

$ apt-cache search $favorite_language font
This would search fonts for you, and would probability end up getting the stuff from ubuntu universe.


$ apt-cache search indic font
groff - GNU troff text-formatting system
libqscintilla2-3 - The Qt4 port of the Scintilla source code editing widget
texlive-lang-indic - TeX Live: Indic
texlive-latex-extra - TeX Live: LaTeX supplementary packages
ttf-indic-fonts - Metapackage for free Indian language fonts
ttf-indic-fonts-core - Core collection of free Indian language fonts
ttf-unifont - TrueType version of the GNU Unifont
unifont - font with a glyph for each visible Unicode 5.1 Plane 0 character
xfonts-unifont - PCF (bitmap) version of the GNU Unifont
itrans-fonts - fonts used in the ITRANS Indic text processing system
libhtml-tagcloud-perl - Generate HTML indexes of popular tags
liblasi-dev - development files and documentation for the LASi library
liblasi0 - creation of PostScript documents containing Unicode symbols
qemacs - Small emacs clone editor with HTML and DocBook editing support
qemacs-nox - Small emacs clone editor (without X support)

$ apt-cache search ancient font
texlive-lang-greek - TeX Live: Greek typesetting
ttf-sil-gentium - Gentium extended Unicode Latin font ("a typeface for the nations")
ttf-ancient-fonts - Unicode Fonts for Ancient Scripts
ttf-gfs-baskerville - Ancient Greek font revival
ttf-gfs-complutum - ancient Greek font revival from the University of Alcalá, Spain
ttf-gfs-gazis - ancient Greek font (Byzantine cursive hand style)
ttf-gfs-solomos - ancient Greek oblique font
ttf-gfs-theokritos - decorative Greek font
ttf-linex - Fonts suitable for education and institutional use

2. Install the fonts

$ sudo apt-get install ttf-indic-fonts
$ sudo apt-get install ttf-ancient-fonts
$ sudo apt-get install ttf-kannada-fonts

Installing above three would enable your browser interpret my previous blogs and even let you enjoy running examples on your shell.


Could not find the ancient fonts but everything else is available.

$ sudo yum install fonts-kannada.noarch
$ sudo yum install fonts-tamil.noarch
$ sudo yum install fonts-hindi.noarch